The EIT Raw Materials INNOLOG project organized the professional training workshop on “Innovative Technologies in Exploration and Mineral Detection“, which was held in Pamplona from 10th to 11th of March 2020. The workshop is part of professional training and outreach activities of the INNOLOG project.

During the workshop the state of the art of borehole imaging and borehole analytical techniques of interest for mineral exploration and exploitation were presented. In particular, innovative techniques and methodologies developed and applied in the frame of the project.

The innovative borehole logging tools implemented in the project and also new machine learning interpretation software were presented first in technical presentations and then in field demos in mining exploration boreholes and in lab measurements.

Lab demos included practical characterization of minerals and their hyperspectral signature.

26 participants, technologists, professionals of 4 mining and 3 services companies and also researchers and innovation agents participated, in some cases by videoconference given the Covid-19 first restrictions in Europe.

INNOLOG professional training workshop succesfully held in Pamplona

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