María José Jurado showcased the latest achievements and results of the ongoing InnoLOG project during the Raw Materials Summit 2019.The meeting was organized by the EIT RawMaterials consortium and was held in Berlin between 20th and 22nd of May.

The talk, entitled “Taking innovation to the subsurface: in situ mineral evaluation with innovative geophysical logging tools for mineral exploration (InnoLOG project)“, was one of the invited talks scheduled in one of the 6 Parallel Sessions of the summit focused in the evaluation and availability and resources and innovative exploration technologies.

María José Jurado offered in her talk an updated view of the advances achieved in the development and the integration of the components and software of the borehole logging tools. Jurado also focused a part of her presentation on the successful results obtained in several tests carried out in scientific boreholes and also in exploration boreholes in mines and mining areas. These news tools are being implemented masking use of hyperspectral cameras and laser spectroscopy techniques.

EIT RawMAterials CEO, Karen Hanghøj, during the opening session of the Raw Materials Summit 2019 (Image: @EITRawMaterials)

The Raw Materials Summit 2019 is the flagship event organized by the EIT Raw Materials where European experts and from the rest of the world to discuss Innovation and new Techonologies covering the entire raw materials value chain. The event, which this year had around 400 participants, is also an opportunity to understand  the European Union positioning concerning the energy transition and the impact this will have on raw materials supply and policies.

The advances of InnoLOG project showcased in the Raw Materials Summit 2019

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