A practical workshop on innovative technologies in exploration and mineral detection was held in Barcelona in December 2017 (13th-14th). The workshop provided a view of last advances and state of the art of imaging techniques being used in mineral exploration. This first edition was mainly focused on hyperspectral imaging techniques but also other innovative techniques were presented like microwave technologies, x-ray and laser-based techniques.

20 participants from different EIT Raw Materials projects and other industry professionals attended the workshop. The workshop was a good opportunity to share with industry professionals and mining companies professionals advances of interest to improve and innovate in exploration.

The first day schedule was focused on different examples where innovative techniques are used mineral exploration.

The second day was mainly dedicated to the stablish synergies between different EIT Raw Materials projects. Representatives of PIMAS Project, InSPECtor Project and EUROCORES Project presented their projects and the potential interests for synergies and cooperation.

Other lectures covered a wide perspective of ongoing non-EIT exploration projects, and the future needs for innovative exploration tools. Different life demos and test with hyperspectral cameras on rock samples from different mines were carried out during the workshop. This facilitated the participants hands-on experience for using these techniques on rock samples.

The workshop finished with a visit to Downhole and Geophysical Logging Lab and Almera-1 and Almera-2 boreholes at the ICTJA-CSIC facilities and to the ongoing drilling of Almera-3 borehole.

Practical workshop on Innovative technologies in exploration and mineral detection

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